E-Scooters. Name Your Purpose!

Electric Scooters are here to stay – now purpose built for specific lifestyles and activities.    

The electric scooter is fast developing and rapidly becoming one to consider for commuting purposes as well as more sporty free time activities. You might think when looking at an electric scooter that there is not much variation on the theme. It’s basically a board with a wheel attached at each end, a t-shaped stick to put your hands on with a steer and throttle at the front and runs on battery now… what’s the big deal? You’d be forgiven for thinking so but you couldn’t be more wrong. Taking bicycles for example, it took quite some time for the development and adaptations to suit the many different terrains and purposes, but after a lengthy period, we now have a world of choices; mountain bikes (of multiple variations), road racing bikes, light frame bikes, space age technology bikes, jump bikes, dirt bikes, trick bikes and so on. However, the developments and advances for Electric scooters and their variations have been rapid.

It seems developers are really considering all different kinds of usage to be able to accommodate all tastes. I found the article Best Electric Scooters for Adults really helpful when diving head long into the many variations there are. There are electric scooters that are small and especially light for shorter trips around your neighborhood. Scooters that are adapted for longer commutes which also take into account storage possibilities, making sure they are fold able, and so can be carried into the workplace and stowed under the desk. Sporty scooters for off-reading and daredevilry. All this and the speed is creeping up. The Fluidfreeride Mantis for example does 40 mph, and that’s topped by their Wolf Warrier which racks up to 50mph! It certainly is an eyeopener the first time you try those speeds standing on a board. Two wheels is still the prevalent choice, but we already see three wheeler and even four wheeler, where you steer more with your body than the steering column, by way of leaning from side to side.  Suspension and brake systems might not be something that catches the onlookers eye at first sight, and so is easy to assume is the same on most electric scooters. But again no. Even in this area, there are so many variations to choose from, all part of the package of choices the manufacturers want to be able to offer the users. Some have drive on the front wheel only, some on the back, some both. There are different types of electric motors, regenerative brakes, LED lights, USB ports to accommodate charging devices. It is really quite astonishing. Even the personal image and looks are part and parcel of the packages today. One would think it wouldn’t matter all that much what an electric scooter looks like as long as it does what it’s supposed to but you’d make use of the customization options and have it mirror your look if you could right? It’s not just the color schemes, you can opt for lighting on the side or even under the board which at night, makes it look like a small UFO, travelling on the pavement at very low altitude. Soon, more likely than not, we will probably see scooters with the option to perpetually customize it to reflect where you are at in your day. Low moody lighting for after work drinks or bright and loud lighting when you’re up before the sun.

It is already abundantly clear the electric scooter is not a one size fits all gadget. The manufacturers are making huge waves and it doesn’t seem like we’ve even scratched the surface. After all, Audi and BMW are launching their own versions of electric scooters and have made sure to offer something that is in line with their thinking as car manufacturers. Maybe the electric scooters are predominantly for inner city useage now, but make no mistake about it, I’ve a feeling they’ll be infiltrating the the wider public, where more and more people will see the benefits of this clean and simple way of having fun in addition to the plain old commute to work.