Best Running Apps for Android in 2019

Exercise is vital to maintain good health and running is one exercise that provides a variety of health benefits backed by science.

To make your fitness regime immaculate, you require a guide or a trainer but we’ve got you covered. Applications provide all the facilities that a trainer does at affordable rates while some are even free! 

In this article, we will discuss running apps for android to make you reach your fitness goals in no time.

  1. Couch to 5k by RunDouble

This application will devise a plan that enables you to do 5k runs in nine weeks. It suits beginners in most cases and counters a problem people face when running: to leave their couch. The app is easy to use and has gained popularity over time, owing to a plethora of facilities at one place.

Couch to 5k is free but if you wish to gain access to more features then it is affordable while providing all the functions necessary to keep your fitness routine in check such as heart monitor, pace, distance, music facility and much more!

  • Endomondo

This application accurately displays how quality comes at a price. Even though the price is slightly higher compared to other running apps, Endomondo has caught the public’s eye in no time.

Why? It provides some of the best functions that may attract anyone concerned about their health.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to run? This application comes with enticing challenges and other similar features that may inspire you to reach new milestones quickly. It also provides analysis based on your running records, making it a complete set of excellence.

The most noticeable feature about Endomondo is that it distinguishes between exercise and running, you don’t have to worry about limiting your exercise anymore!  

3.    Google Fit

Google Fit is touted to be the most “running” running app around if you know what I mean.

It is not as basic as it sounds, Google Fit supports most wearable exercise trackers and it has functions such as a count of calories burnt, exercise, time and distance, however, users may complain that the features are limited.

You can also use wearables like Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, Sleep As Android for tracking sleep and more, acting as your exercise trackers.

This app may suit a beginner perfectly but it’s not recommended for professional athletes or runners.

4.    Nike+ Run Club

Do you prefer Nike over anything? We’ve got just the running app for you on your Android device.

This application comes with all the basic functions such as a run tracker to detect the amount of time you spent running, distance covered, calories you got rid of in this process, the pace you were running at and the total duration for your journey.

On top of this, exciting challenges await you. Stay poised to your fitness goals by challenging yourself through leaderboards and achievements.

The best part is, all of this comes free with this application!

5.    Map my Run

One of the most popular running applications for Android users, Map my run amasses a large number of users, possibly making it the best out there.

The basic, free version provides access to running routes, stats, goals related to your fitness and much more whereas the pro version where you have to pay to use additional features has a heart monitor, analysis derived from your running records and promotes exercise along with running. In short, it packs a powerful punch in both, free and pro modes.

Although the free version isn’t bad, one possible drawback people complain about is that Map my Run is heavy on the wallet. Their charges may be high but the functions it provides are excellent to make you retain that fit, healthy body you’ve been wishing to have for so long.

6.    Runkeeper

Another popular running app for Android is Runkeeper. It racks an efficient training routine along with challenging goals, your track records showing progress and tracking tools make it a better experience.= overall.

It also includes wearables like Garmin Watches, Wear OS and Bluetooth devices.

However, the application works best in its pro mode. The functions you gain after paying to make it worthwhile but the basic, free version is just like any other free running app, making Runkeeper a good choice but not the best.

7.   Run more 5k trainer

Basic yet efficient to aid you in becoming fit, this app ups difficulty as you progress with time.

Just like other running apps, this has all the functions along with the ability to have a dark theme and ad-free experience but only if you subscribe to its premium version.

Your smart phone must also be latest which can run app like these because these apps are constantly updating, do check here for Five Best Smartphones of the Year 2019.

This ends the article. Which app did you find the most suitable for your Android device? Let us know in the comments!